What can 100 people accomplish? At Realty Pro 100℠ we start each day with the idea that service is what you do, and hospitality is how you make people feel while you are doing it. 


We named our company to be 100% transparent: 


1. Realty: What we do!


2. Pro: Who we are!


3. 100: The maximum number of Real Estate professionals in each location!


To work at Realty Pro 100℠, you must hold a stellar reputation, have experience in the industry of no less than 2 transactions in the past 12 months and show you are committed to the high values of our business model. 


We are building our agents successes through the idea that 100% of our agents are productive, willing to share, and to help one another prosper. By being exclusive and well managed, our sales professionals will excel.


We believe it is true that you become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. You certainly cannot succeed without good people around you, and at Realty Pro 100℠ we are creating an environment of success. 


Whether you are a real estate agent looking to move companies, or a real estate seller, buyer, landlord or tenant looking to lease, we can help you, and do it with hospitality. 




Blake Vartanian is a highly sought-after speaker, mentor and industry visionary with 37 plus years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry. Blake’s unique blend of industry knowledge and his trademarked sense of hospitality is the focal point for Realty Pro 100℠’s blogs and social channels.


When it comes to real estate, not all companies are created equal. As Chairman of Hospitality Realty Corp. dba Realty Pro 100℠, Blake Vartanian has been very fortunate in his real estate profession to have built two #1 franchised locations for two separate global franchise companies. 


Blake Vartanian, along with his wife, Joanne Vartanian (CEO and President), and their Executive Team; Mary Walters (Vice President/General Manager), Barbara Wayne (Broker of Record), and 

Zantine Greenwood (Chief Information Officer), Realty Pro 100 has the foundation to support your “hospitality focused” real estate experience through our dynamic team. 


To schedule an interview or for more information, please e-mail us.



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