Attitude = Everyone has one. Is yours at your best?

Beliefs = What we believe matters. Do you rent or own your beliefs?

Commitment = How serious do you take your commitments?

Discipline = Do you have the drive to see it through?

Effort = How much effort are you willing to expend before giving in or giving up?

Failure = Is not the option desired, but with lessons learned from the failure we can grow.


Put your best foot forward and never listen to the crowded field of the average. Pick 5 people who are achieving higher than you and with your contributions to their lives, assuming you pick the right 5 you will grow faster and achieve more than at any time in your life. 


G= Guarantees… there are very few “guarantees” in life. Make the most of each day by limiting negative objects and people into your life. It is better to be by yourself and available to the universe than it is to be preoccupied with those who show little or no respect for you and your goals, objectives, and life choices. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. None of us has filled our bucket meeting the “strangers” that could positively impact our futures. The time is now to achieve like never before, you can do it, go for it!


Blake Vartanian, Chairman

CalDRE# 00871999



Blake Vartanian is a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, author and industry visionary with 37 plus years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry. Blake’s unique blend of industry knowledge, insight and his trademarked sense of hospitality is the focal point for Realty Pro 100℠’s blogs and social channels. 


When it comes to real estate, not all companies are created equal. As Chairman of Hospitality Realty Corp. dba Realty Pro 100℠, Blake Vartanian has been very fortunate in his real estate profession to have built two #1 franchised locations for two separate global franchise companies. 


Blake Vartanian, along with his wife, Joanne Vartanian (CEO and President), and their Executive Team; Mary Walters (Vice President / General Manager), Barbara Wayne (Broker of Record), and Zantine Greenwood (Chief Information Officer). Realty Pro 100 has the foundation to support your “hospitality focused” real estate experience through our dynamic team. 


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