The one big challenge for the on-line brokerage remains unchanged. How do you deliver value by never meeting your client? The challenge is not so simple to solve. A great real estate professional consults, advises, and delivers. The best results happen when people meet face to face. When you deal by phone, fax, text, e-mail, etc. the personal approach is often taken out of the equation.


A computer program may be able to work faster than a person, but when was the last time that something was done right through expediency? Our primary goal should be to slow-down and get it right through the establishment of a personal relationship built on trust, integrity, honesty, and fair dealings to create a solid beginning.


According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 67% of sellers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others yet only 23% do. 


At Realty Pro 100, we believe it is the responsibility of the real estate professional to bring value to the client. When we close a deal and deliver the keys, our associates at Realty Pro 100 understand that The Lost Art of Welcome Home is not yet fully accomplished. The value of the relationship has just begun. Life will continue, and we want to help you make the most of it when it comes to real estate today and many years into the future.


-Blake Vartanian

CalDRE# 00871999



Blake Vartanian is a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, author and industry visionary with 37 plus years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry. Blake’s unique blend of industry knowledge, insight and his trademarked sense of hospitality is the focal point for Realty Pro 100℠’s blogs and social channels. 


When it comes to real estate, not all companies are created equal. As Chairman of Hospitality Realty Corp. dba Realty Pro 100℠, Blake Vartanian has been very fortunate in his real estate profession to have built two #1 franchised locations for two separate global franchise companies. 


Blake Vartanian, along with his wife, Joanne Vartanian (CEO and President), and their Executive Team; Mary Walters (Vice President / General Manager), Barbara Wayne (Broker of Record), and 

Zantine Greenwood (Chief Information Officer), Realty Pro 100℠ has the foundation to support your “hospitality focused” real estate experience. Real estate news, perspectives and insights from Realty Pro 100 are available at Realty Pro 100’s Blogs


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