Jimmy Buffett is known for his fans aka “Parrotheads” (Parrot Heads), his songs like “Margaritaville’, “Son of a Son of a Sailor” as well as “Come Monday”, and an attitude that is one of a laid back, let’s say “party” mindset. In our lifetimes every 7th day will be a Monday, there is no escaping it. A lot has been said about “Monday” in song, in joke, and in general conversation. Rarely do you hear someone say, “I love Monday”, at least that has been my experience. In real estate, often agents take Monday to either open an escrow or recover from a weekend of open houses. In the end it’s all about “attitude”.


Sometimes we give “attitude”, which quite frequently has a negative connotation. It seems reasonable to think that most people you encounter during the day have a neutral or positive attitude about most things. It seems unreasonable to think that as a society most of us would be negative or are only interested in ruining someone else’s day along the way as the hours progress. That said, “Come Monday, It’ll Be Alright” are reassuring lyrics from Jimmy Buffet. We make choices in life, at many points they are not even conscious choices, as we move through our daily routines.


No doubt at the start of 2019 there were many people, including yours truly, who signed up with a fitness club. It’s been at least 20 years since I had a gym membership. So why now? Recovering from knee replacement surgery that was performed back in October has been more than challenging. More than likely the hardest physical recovery from a surgery, procedure and/or injury in my life to this point. In almost 60 years there have been over 3,100 Monday’s and today is no exception. It is unavoidable… So, waking up earlier and gearing up for the physical workout is challenging. Yet, there is something special about it.


Maybe it’s the start of March with the anticipation of Spring coming, maybe it’s because it’s another great day in Southern California to be alive. Whatever the reason, whatever the day brings I just have chosen to believe that “Come Monday, It’ll Be Alright”. Why waste 1/7th of your life thinking any different?



Blake Vartanian

CalDRE# 00871999



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