Everyday millions of Americans, especially southern Californians jump in their cars, trucks, or on their motorcycles, etc. to commute in some cases 100 miles or more back and forth to work in bumper to bumper traffic. The swallows of Capistrano go round-trip to Argentina from San Juan Capistrano and other So Cal destinations, some 6,000 miles each way, making it a 12,000-mile perilous journey over deserts, mountains, cities and farms, etc. to land on the same day each year as celebrated on March 19th, 2019. 

We say birds have ‘bird brains’, and the reality is they travel this distance of double the length of the US overcoming great adversity without GPS and arriving on time each trip regardless of weather. Can we make the same claims having GPS as the smartest beings on the planet? That is for each of us to decide on our own.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 the Swallows returned to San Juan Capistrano as they have for centuries. The city celebrates the annual ritual at the San Juan mission which was founded by Father, known as St. Serra as detailed at the mission’s web site. 

For those of us who have watched Orange County grow from the sleepy rural area populated by Orange Groves, Lemon Groves, Walnuts, Avocados, and Beet Farms, as well as a military stronghold on the west coast for the US Marine Corps with El Toro and Tustin Air Stations, it must be hard to imagine for someone coming to the OC today to appreciate the rich heritage that our county offers. We have done a decent job as a society of protecting the way of life from the days gone by. Most people are genuinely kind and caring, not unlike the old days when neighbors all took care of each other.

Housing in the Orange County continues to be a challenge when it comes to affordability. When my dad bought his Placentia house in 1965 for $25K (paying just $1 down utilizing his well-earned DD-214 certificate for his military service during the Korean conflict years) he remained stateside earning his “sharpshooter” designation. He excelled in his mechanics training repairing helicopters and accompanying the pilot on the test run after as an insurance policy for the pilot in the process of establishing trust when it came to the workmanship.

Trust is a big part of life. We trust the swallows will always return. We trust our military will protect us. We trust in the rights of property (home) ownership. We trust in our past, as we look to the future.

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For more information on the San Juan Capistrano Mission, the swallows and Junípero Serra;

San Juan Capistrano Mission: https://www.missionsjc.com/

Junípero Serra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jun%C3%ADpero_Serra