Okay now that we have your attention, stay FOCUSED. That is the ‘F’ word we are referring to.

With all the distractions and noise in the universe it’s easy to get distracted from your number 1 goal.  For example, you make your first ‘cold or warm call’ to start the day, and next thing you know you are heading to the kitchen or bathroom, turning on the television, responding to an incoming text, call or the sort. Those things, while potentially important, are clear distractions from what you set out to accomplish. 

While focusing alone will not get you to your goal, it is essential to the completion of seeing a goal or objective through.  Start each day by thinking about what you will accomplish. For some, you may want to write them down. Check them off either mentally or written as you proceed, and always, ALWAYS have small rewards.

It is not simple, and it is not complicated. It requires FOCUS. When a camera is out of focus the result is a lousy picture. When the brain is out of focus, we will more than likely not be happy with the result. 

Oh, and make it a point to enjoy the journey, because often times the destination is less exciting than the process of getting there!

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