Real Estate and California Car Culture

By Blake A. Vartanian, CalDRE #00871999

Just about the time the 1st year of the iconic Corvette was being produced in 1953, much of the California lifestyle was yet to be defined. Real estate was abundant and reasonably priced.

In 1980, I chose the Z-28 because out the door it was about $9,200 while the Corvette soared past a whopping $12,000 for the time. Now, that $12K will most likely barely qualify someone for a down payment. October 2019 will be remembered for the introduction of the revolutionary mid-engine 2020 Vette in a convertible format as pictured below. Cheap? No, amazing? Beyond words for the money.

Seems like what $12,000 might have bought back 40 years ago, is now pushing 6 or 7 times that, but think of the advancements in technology and driving experience. With the magnetic suspension controls you can put the car in track mode, or basically make it what I refer to as the ‘Corvette Station Wagon’ in eco mode with a lot less performance but better economy/mileage.

When it comes to real estate, imagine a picturesque view like this photo.  Most of us will not have the opportunity to look out our living room window to enjoy this type of view.  That’s okay.  Life is good. 

Whether you want a view, drive a hybrid, a station wagon, minivan, SUV, 4 wheel drive, sports car, sedan, coupe, ride a motorcycle, take the bus, or even a helicopter to work (like Brian Chichua used to do for years to his Placentia Jeep dealership that was off Orangethorpe and Placentia Avenue):

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